Hooray for onions

For those of you looking to improve bone health by changing diet, an article I found on eating onions looks interesting.  Women who ate onions every day had higher bone density than those who ate them infrequently.  Those who ate onions frequently had a 20% reduction in the rate of hip fracture.

High doses of herbs such as sage inhibit bone resorption in rats- so what about sage and onion stuffing as a regular item on your plate.


3 thoughts on “Hooray for onions

  1. Deb Baddorf says:

    Sage and onion “stuffing” — stuffing to me implies bread. I imagine you would use a gluten free form for your hypothesized stuffing diet? Your cuz in Chicago.


    • Hi Deb- stuffing could be made with gf bread as suggested, or nuts, rice, potatoes… whole load of things. I started off on a trail to find out what nuts would do to bones but decided it would take too long. There’s the issue of phytates and oxalates which needs exploring properly- the calcium pills I get on prescription say not to be eaten within two hours of foods like whole grains, nuts, dark leafy veg etc but the NOS says not to worry about that…so, needs a proper look.
      The ‘sage and onion stuffing’ was quick nod to the british classic, which is, as you suggest, traditionally made with bread, but M&S had their whole christmas turkey and stuffing ranges gf this year..


  2. Deb Baddorf says:

    My family traditional stuffing is mashed potato and bread cubes mixed together, with milk and eggs. Onion and celery but no sage (not on this side of the ocean!). I think it’s possibly an Amish originated thing. My 1900-1968 grandmother passed down the recipe; I’ve finally added quantities to the recipe, just this year.

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